F.I.S.H Night F.I.S.H Night

Back-to-School Program for Schools

Supplement in-school learning with firsthand experience of the underwater world. Adventure Aquarium is helping schools safely fundraise, providing animal-specific lesson ideas by grade level, displaying student artwork, and offering weekly in-aquarium activities.

A new spin on Fundraising and Field Trips during the age of hybrid/remote learning in the wake of COVID-19.



Adventure Aquarium’s Fundraising Program can help your school earn funds, by safely selling discounted tickets online (no touch/no door-to-door contact), and helping the aquarium during these unprecedented times.

EARN $5 for every ticket sold (Adult and Child General Admission)

AND offer parents discounted Adult General Admission tickets, savings of $6 per ticket ($26, normally $31.99*)

We’ll even provide you with customized digital assets to help your parents and students sell.

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* Plus, tax and fees.

*Available to schools with nonprofit status

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Aquarium Activities

Also, during your student’s visit to Adventure Aquarium, we’ll offer new aquarium activities each week by grade level: PreK, Kindergarten, Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-5.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

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Grades 1-3

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Grades 4-5

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We will set up a unique code for your group. Your buyers will simply log onto https://www.adventureaquarium.com/Aquarium-Admission/Aquarium-Pricing and enter your school-specific promo code to receive the discounted Adult General Admission price and print tickets right at home. Tickets are valid for 4 months from the purchase date.

Participating school must communicate a minimum two mentions of Adventure Aquarium’s Back-to-School program to parents via email, social media, and/or online learning platforms.

Getting started is easy! Just complete our signup form to get started.

We will track your sales and mail out a check payment at the end of the fundraiser.

50 people in your school

Each participant sells an average of 5 adult tickets at the suggested fundraiser price, that's 250 tickets sold.
250 tickets sold x $5 per ticket to your organization: Your organization receives $1,200 for the fundraiser.

500 children in your school

If each participant sells an average of 5 tickets that's 2,500 tickets sold.
2,500 ticket books sold x $5 per ticket to your organization: Your organization receives $12,500 for the fundraiser.

Nope! Our fundraising program is risk free. If you sell the tickets you will get $5 per ticket, regardless of the number you sell. If you do not sell any tickets you are not responsible for them. Tickets are valid for 4 months from purchase date.